Make the Valley the true gateway to the Nat’l park

  • Fight for the staffing and resources necessary to implement the Merriman Valley Masterplan.
  • Hardy created the Great Streets Akron program and will fight to bring additional resources and investment to the N. Portage Path/Merriman Rd business district.
  • Work with Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, the National Park, and the Conservancy for CVNP to ensure a train stop is built in the N. Portage Path/Merriman Rd business district.

Support small business

  • Hardy co-led the creation of the Bounce Innovation Hub and knows how to get support and resources for entrepreneurs in Ward 8.
  • Act as a navigator for Ward 8 small businesses whether with the city or state.
  • As opportunities arise, advocate for the development of new retail and neighborhood amenities.

Workforce and Education

  • As a proud graduate of Firestone High School, and a former member of the Akron Public Schools Board of Education, Hardy is a fierce supporter of high-quality education for all. 
  • Ensure the Firestone cluster of Akron Public Schools remains a safe, supportive environment where Ward 8 families feel confident sending their children to learn and grow.
  • Advocate for stronger partnerships with the University of Akron, Stark State College Akron, and the building trades, to improve opportunities for youth and adults alike to build a career.